Hi, I'm
Ruben Moreno

a web and graphic designer

What I Do

I love to design — whether it's a website, a logo, an ad, an email, or a brochure, I enjoy creating new brand identities or faithfully extending existing ones. I sweat the small stuff; I see the big picture; I listen, learn, collaborate, and deliver.

Graphic Design

I design sites, landing pages, logos, infographics, and ads. I edit images and illustrate for desktop, mobile, and print.

Web Development

I'm equally at home coding from the ground up in HTML and CSS, or wrangling WordPress, Bootstrap, JQuery and other frameworks.

Content Strategy

I help create seamless customer and visitor experiences by considering the user journey from first touch to last.

Email Campaigns

I craft engaging, bulletproof email creative and champion the DOs and DON'Ts of deliverability and responsive design.

About Me

I'm a husband and father, a geek, and a gamer. I code and design. Here are some other interesting tidbits:

  • I was born in Madrid, Spain (so was my whole family) and I'm fluent in Spanish.
  • I wrote and drew a horror comedy webcomic called Masked Manor in my spare time from 2010 to 2013, completing over 430 strips and self-publishing a trade paperback of the entire first season of the comic. I plan to print the other two seasons at some point.
  • I sing and play the bass guitar, and I love prog rock.
  • I'm a dyed-in-the-wool PC gamer but I love Apple in the mobile space.
  • I earned both my BA in English and my MS in Technical Communication at NC State University. Since then, I've worked at big corporations and tiny startups alike.
  • By day, I'm currently the Production Design Team Lead at Red Hat, supporting the corporate marketing group from the company's global headquarters in downtown Raleigh. In my spare time I'm the webmaster for the NCSU Department of Chemistry.

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My Skills






Illustrator & InDesign


JavaScript / JQuery

My Work

Here's a small sampling of some of my work, from freelance projects to content generated in my full-time roles.

Holiday Makeup Landing Page

The Body Shop

Role / Contribution:  Graphic Design, HTML Code

I created this landing page to spotlight a new line of The Body Shop's holiday makeup for 2014. The page includes new typography to accompany the hero product, and the layout is fully responsive for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Additionally, the page maximizes the use of HTML-based text where possible (as opposed to rendered text within graphics) to help with SEO.

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Agile Sciences Corporate Identity

Agile Sciences

Role / Contribution:  Graphic Design, HTML Code

Agile Sciences Founder and Chief Research Officer Dr. Christian Melander approached me in early 2008 to design a logo and website for the company. After providing a variety of logo options to choose from and gathering feedback, I created the final logo and designed a website to showcase company news, information on company personnel, a general overview of the science and technology involved, a list of publications, and contact information. The final website went live in February of 2008.

In 2009, maintenance of the website was transferred to another party.

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Corporate Identity


Role / Contribution:  Graphic Design, HTML Code

In early 2008, Algynomics President and co-founder Dr. William Maixner enlisted me to create a new website for the company and refresh its corporate identity with a new logo. The final website went live in March of that year.

In 2009, maintenance and design duties for the website were transferred to another party.

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Chemistry Dept. Websites & Logo

NC State University

Role / Contribution:  Graphic Design, HTML Code, Ongoing Maintenance

In 2005 I was enlisted by Dr. David Muddiman at North Carolina State University to create a website for him and his mass spectrometry research group. This working relationship was renewed in 2008, and at that point I began designing additional sites for other faculty members. All of these sites were created to blend in with existing NC State branding.

In 2012, I finished a complete reskin and overhaul of the Department of Chemistry website, including typographical changes and other bits of polish to bring the site in line with recently updated NCSU branding. I also designed a brand-new "molecule and box" logo for the department.

I also drafted a maintenance contract with the department in 2012 to keep me on retainer as the official webmaster for the main Chemistry site and additional facilities and faculty sub-sites.

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DTW Architecture Website

DTW Architects & Planners

Role / Contribution:  Graphic Design, HTML Code, Ongoing Maintenance

I created this website for DTW Architects & Planners in the first quarter of 2008. The site features a homepage carousel that spotlights key projects for the firm, as well as pages detailing the firm's philosophy, awards and certifications. The highlight of the site is an extensive project gallery with in-depth descriptions and multiple images per project, ranging from blueprints and site plans to interior and exterior photography.

Every 12 to 18 months, the firm rolls out additional content updates for me to execute, depending on the cadence of the firm's projects. I am currently planning to transition this site in 2015 to a fully responsive, mobile-friendly design.

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Diving Company

Buceo Balea

Role / Contribution:  Graphic Design / Illustration

I created these logos for a family member's scubadiving business based in Vigo, Spain. I initially provided a cartoon whale logo and a more conservative modern logo, in dark and light versions, to spark discussion. Ultimately the whale was chosen but a request was made for me to modify the character with a breathing mask, to provide a more literal representation of the equipment being used at the dive center.


SourceKit / Contactology

Role / Contribution:  Graphic Design, HTML Code

In the fall of 2007, SourceKit LLC rebranded its email marketing software platform from SourceKit Email Manager to Contactology. As part of this rebranding, I redesigned the old website for the platform into a new Contactology site, featuring a more modern look that placed increased emphasis on client case studies, testimonials, and product features.

In the years since my departure from the company, the Contactology site has undergone a full redesign.

Fictitious Community Center Demo Website

SourceKit / Contactology

Role / Contribution:  Graphic Design, HTML Code

During my time at SourceKit, I designed this example website for a fictitious San Diego community center as part of a set of sample materials to be used during product demonstrations for the company's Contactology email marketing software platform.

The site features an original logo and several example pages to illustrate typical content scenarios as well as a link to a Contactology-powered survey and sign-up page that illustrates some of the platform's functionality.

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